David Maillu to deliver public lecture on Witchcraft on August 5, 2023Out of public request, I , David G Maillu, have agreed to deliver a public lecture on Witchcraft on 5th August, 2023 at my countryside home, Mathemboni, Koola Town, Makueni Country. Mathemboni is 30 kilometers from Machakos Town, off Machakos-Wote Road.

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Witchcraft is a taboo subject to many people. I will deliver the lecture based on my long research on the subject out of which I have gathered invaluable knowledge. I’ve got shocking material to show witchcraft is real, scientific and is a crucial key to understanding and developing Africa.

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The Key of Life in African Religion monument at Mathemboni Shrine, Koola Villaghe, Makueni County in eastern Kenya.Anyone interested in the lecture, which will include lunch and cultural tour on my museum and botanical garden, will have to book his/her space with 5,000 shillings paid in advance through my M-Pesa account. My M-Pesa cell phone number is 0707 810 329.

The lecture is for intellectuals who comprise university lecturers, school teachers, researchers, theologians, social administrators plus any other interested person. Foreign attendants from anywhere in the worlds are welcome. Attendants should arrive at the location at 10 am for registration. The function is scheduled to finish at 3 pm. Come with an open mind. Any question can also be directed through this forum’s message box.

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