By David Maillu
Published June 18, 2023

The world is just watching the disappearance of the COVID-19 monster
which leaves a trail of death particularly in the Whiteman’s world where
whispers claim the virus was a Whiteman’s factory manufactured witchcraft.
The monster left the Whiteman puzzled by why, contrary to what he had
predicted, the virus didn’t have appetite for killing black people. Why in
the scientific hell did the virus kill too few black people at a time it
devoured a big volume of the whites? Even in Africa, as international
media authorities published, higher deaths were recorded only in countries
with white skin, namely North Africa and South Africa. What was it in the
black body that the virus did not like? It was not witchcraft that the
Covid Virus feared but the melanin protective substance in the black skin;
scientists should confirm this.

The buried history of the Blackman is resurfacing with frightening
information to the Whiteman. I remember a dialogue I had with one
Whiteman, Mr Miller, some years back when Mandela was alive. I lightly
complained that the Blackman is still in the woods. Mr Miller told me,
“That’s not true. The Blackman has of lately been verified. Tell me
something. As we talk, what people are there in Europe and America who are
publicly matches for Mandela, Tutu, Kofi Annan, Robert Mugabe, Wangari
Maathai, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Michael Jackson?, just to name a
few of them? Why has the fight for human rights been dominated
by the Blackman?”

The Covid Virus feared the dynamic power that is making the Blackman
dominate  spots. The Blackman, who is about 15% of world population, is
breaking world records in sports. The number of black footballers in the
French football team, for example, is embarrassing the Whiteman. Of late,
black people are hired to run for foreign nations to get medals. Some
white people have advanced a claim that black people run faster, unlike
whites, because they have nothing serious to think about. Is that correct?
What about Miller’s observation?

If you want to know it is the quality of the Blackman’s mind at play,
watch the extraordinary skill exercised by the Basket Ball players, a
dominion of black people. When you talk about world music celebrities,
what people come to your mind immediately? Go on a checking expedition you
will find that the Blackman is becoming dominant in Arts. The world knows
too well that Arts are the instruments of measuring people’s highest
quality of minds. Why is the world being polarized between the Blackman
and Whiteman? What will happen when the Blackman will recover fully from
the cultural hangover of the psychological destruction inflicted on him by
the Whiteman?