By David Maillu
Published May 29, 2023

Dear my Heart,
I send you warm greetings from us, the feelings that surround your being.
I want to draw your attention that your weight can be overbearing. So,
please, I request you to control increase of your weight. Help me to live
better and I’ll help you live better too. It is not easy for me to bear
you and walk steadily. Don’t push me over rough grounds. You’ve got high
demands regarding how you want to be borne, not to mention about your
inconsistent behavior. Can we discuss ways of maintaining good balance. No
one can do everything in one day. There are things which must be done
today; others which should be done tomorrow; yet others which should be
done in far future. That kind of impatient push you have is the one which
causes heart attack. Please, let’s adapt patience in our deals. Let’s be
satisfied by what we can achieve today. The journey of life is long;
patience pays big dividends in the end. As we move, keep me informed about
your central themes and priorities. My Heart, I love you. Please, don’t
demand too much from me because I love you. Love is a shared effort.

My dear Heart, I am sure you agree with me that, from time to time, you
engaged me with storms of big confusions. When those storms come, please
give me time to digest my way out of the confusion. It’s not easy for me
to deal with you. You are as restless as the ocean water.

My dear Heart, I fail to know your line of thought. Today you wake up
wanting this only for you to change your mind tomorrow by wanting
something else. Don’t feed me with greed lest I fall running. You are a
genius in emoting confusion. You manufacture all kinds of jealousies and
demands which you throw upon me to act on. Please, bear with me with the
understanding that I’ve got only two hands and twenty-four hours to act on
your demands. Give me time to take a break and relax. It is not true that
the more wealth you have the more happiness you have.

I have seen it that, my dear Heart, even when you don’t have a good
reason, you can excite me and force me hate someone at a time you know too
well, however much I hate that someone, I will never get any benefit out
of that hatred. Hatred is a destructive disease. My dear Heart, create
good room for me to love instead of hate. I don’t want to live I on hopes
of tomorrow. I want to live on what I have got today. My dear Heart, tame
my eyes from jealousy. When you have done a mistake and I have take an
opposition stand, please, don’t apply torture to let me submit to tour