By David Maillu
Published May 18, 2023

My Dear Vision,
I greet you from the bottom of my heart, although I don’t see quite
clearly. You’ve been so far from me. That’s why I have got lost in the
wilderness of my life. Without you, my Vision, I am a vagabond. It is
unfortunate that I have never looked for you seriously to sit down with me
for a dialogue. When I open my eyes to my future I can’t see far. Mirages
of stupidity block my sight.

My dear Vision, I know the problem has been from my side. Since you were
created to serve me, it’s me who should have sought you and invited you
into my planning to help me see far. In my planning programmes, I have
even forgotten your importance. That is why I have failed in making
substantial development. Instead, I have moving aimlessly, in a way, going
round in circles. You are my gift of antenna and instrument for measuring
my future. Those who have made use of you have achieved a great deal in
their life.

I have wasted so many opportunities in my life because I didn’t make the
best use of you. My dear Vision, where have you been hiding? Without you,
Vision, I see just tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I am short-sighted
in life. I can’t see opportunities hidden in the future. My laziness has
helped me not to reach you when I needed you most. It’s unfortunate that I
have been living none-visionary poor life.

My dear Vision, please get hold of me and show me the importance of
budgeting my life fully. I don’t want to be a short distance thinker. I
want to be a long-stance thinker to enjoy your powers. Give me the wisdom
of laying the right plan and strategy for reaching out future prospects.
My dear Vision, empower me with inspiration to believe strongly in my
strength and prospects of my future life. Show me the dangers of unplanned
life and the benefits of fully budgeted life. My dear Vision, my ambition
is small. Expand it with inspiration that I can get everything that I want
to get. My dear Vision, teach me that I am not a small person but a full
member of the world. Tell me how far into my future should I aim for in
order for me to have healthy and happy life. My dear Vision, when
conditions of life can be so unpredictable, show me how far I should I
budget my life.