By Davide Maillu
Published June 2, 2023

Scientific studies have revealed the secret of the potency of black
people. In the human brain, says one Dr Richard King, there is
something called coeruleus, a structure which is black because it contains
a large amount of neuro-melanin which is essential for body operations.
Melanin is produced by an enzyme called melatonin. Melanin is a carbon
that does not deteriorate over given time.

Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest Favour Black People

Melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation and the human mental process
is controlled by melanin. Dr Kihura Nkuba says, Melanin is responsible
for healing. It is responsible for sleeping cycle and without melanin you
don’t sleep properly. Melanin controls fatigue and stops you from skin
cancer. Melanin protects you by filtering the dangerous ultraviolet of
the sun and from the harmful energy from the earth. Melanin controls
cosmic correspondence that links you to the universe where cosmic energy
connects with you. You get the importance on the basis of the amount of
melanin you have; the darker the better. Melanin gives black people
greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities over people with white

On the ground this is clearly shown by the fact that black infants, sit,
stand, crawl and walk sooner than white infants. Most white skin is unable
to produce melanin because their pineal glands are often calcified on

Welcome to Public Lecture on Witchcraft

When news broke out that a new epidemic disease called Coronavirus was
about to fall upon human beings, some white people specialists published
alarming warning to Africa. They said the disease was consume Africans
outrageously and people will fall dead in streets. However, when the
disease arrived in Africa it behaved in a manner to show that it had
little appetite for black people but it had great appetite for the white
people. In Africa, the virus consumed the biggest number in areas occupied
by the white skin; hence, North Africa and South Africa. As the white
community was being consumed by the virus in alarming numbers, white
people were left wondering aloud, “Why is the virus not killing black
people?” That was when they developed a theory and they started saying,
“There must be something special in black people responsible for the

Should we develop or own theory linked to the gift of melanin strength
given to the black skin? The world is beginning to wake up to the shock of
the mighty physical and mental strength of black people. In sports, few as
they are in world population, they outrun white people so easily. They are
beginning to take front rolls in music, arts and in speaking. They
dominate in public speaking and today. As of today, Africa is the loudest
continent. Is it because black people are waking up from their colonial
brainwashing hangover? Scientifically speaking, should we start saying the
Blackman is a sleeping giant empowered with superior spiritualism?