Kenya is in the process of making history. Since
Independence Day in 1963, citizens have never been engaged in a
political mass demonstration of the present magnitude, planned to have its
peak on 20th March when the demonstrators will flood Nairobi City. The
massive demonstration is awaited with closed hands because, if things go
the wrong way, the demonstrators could strike the city with iron fist and
set the country on fire. The nation is praying that the demonstration by
the desperate youth, may be accomplished peacefully. What happens to
President Ruto’s government is in the hands of fate. It is not because
Raila would be a better President. It is because the country is
economically traumatized with no hope on sight.

The demonstration is led by opposition party leader, Raila
Amolo Odinga, flagged by Martha Karua, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka,
Wajakoya, and other political luminaries in the Azimio Coolition with
Raila as the Chairman.

The fiery demonstration claims that President William Ruto stole Raila’s
supreme power after the August 2022 Presidential Election. Raila’s
petition was dismissed by the Supreme Court. But now he comes up with
information from a political whistleblower that the Election Server has
unbeatable information that Raila won the election because he got 8.1
milion votes while William Ruto got 5.9 million votes. Consequently, he
demands that the Server should be opened for truth to be witnessed. Ruto
has bluntly refused to have the Server opened. That stand, unfortunately,
makes protestors believe the credibility of the whistle blower.

Raila claims Ruto is an illegitimate President; consequently, he should
step down. If he does not step down, Raila appeals to the mass, which by
constitution is given supreme power to decide, to pull Ruto from office.
The highly emotionally charged massive demonstrations are loudly chanting

The leaders of the demonstration also accuse Ruto’s government of
sky-rocketing cost of living with devastation social consequences in the
nation. The demonstrators have not spared William Ruto any abuse. He is
treated to historicalugly language that has never been heart delivered
upon any President in Kenya. He’s called a thief, murderer, dictator,
manipulator, unfit for leading the nation.

It is strange that the abuses are hurled at him lying down. Nobody except
his Deputy President is defending him. His lieutenants are silent. He
looks frightened and lost. The danger of such demonstration is that it is
led by the dangerously hungry youth who have not anything to lose if they
used fire to accomplish their mission. Besides the pressure of the mass
action, is the international geopolitical boys now steaming without
smoking. They have commercial and political interest in Kenya and will,
certainly, exert pressure for the way forward

The technical part of the politics is that if Ruto is pushed to step down,
Raila cannot be sworn in as the President. The change would demand nothing
less than repeat of Presidential Election.