By David Maillu
Published March 3, 2024

Opposition politician Raila Odinga is a liar. A big black liar. He organized an incredible mass demonstration in 2023, saying he had beaten President William Ruto with a margin of 3 million votes in the General Election held the previous year. He set the country on a warpath to fight for democracy. People believed in him. That is why many of them died and others got maimed.

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Martha Karua, Wajackoyah, Eugene Wamalwa and others breathed fire supporting Raila’s demand
for democracy. People saw hope and democracy coming as Raila preached madly that Ruto was a criminal animal. Raila was the savior who wanted to save the country from oppression.

Finally, the devil was in the details of how both Ruto and Raila would settle the dispute. They faked
a commission to address the dispute and things went silent as the animal of hypocrisy that they had created entered the nation. Then silence took the central stage during which both Raila and Ruto were quietly getting engaged behind the awareness of the nation.

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Finally, after Ruto hadf paid the full bride price to marry Raila, the wedding is in the eyes of the
nation. It is not any more Raila Amolo Odinga, it is Mrs Raila Ruto. The marriage between Raila and Ruto is now ready to start raising a family.

Both Ruto and Raila are grave political liars. They have lied to the nation almost with equal measure. From here where does the nation go?

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